A downloadable game for Windows

  • Fast-paced horde survival gameplay
  • 2 characters in this demo, more to come in the full game
  • 60+ cards to upgrade your steampunk wizard
  • Zany Synergies
  • Quick sessions (~15 minutes per run)

The randomized cards you get change how you play the game completely.

60+ cards to collect and upgrade ! The more cards you have in your deck, the more their effects combine and enable you to unleash the fury of ancient magic.

Play as one of the legendary sorcerers !


  • Movement : WASD
  • Left Click : Shoot / Buy Cards
  • Right Click : Special Power
  • Spacebar : Dash

Wishlist the full game on Steam !


Cult Of Babel v0.4.18 - Windows.zip 124 MB

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Looks Amazing!


Thanks !